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Turkey with all the Trimmings, Soups, Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit Pies

In addition to enjoying the Turkey with all the Trimmings, Soups, Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit Pies, here is a healthy Thanksgiving Tip for teachers and your preschoolers’ parents from one of our favorite nutritionist and consultant to our programs, Jackie Newgent. Add flair to the table and stop everyone, including...

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Factors Contributing to an Unhealthy Lifestyle.

The Healthy Start comprehensive curriculum addresses how to help children and their families live a healthier lifestyle.
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Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development

For all pre-school teachers, and assistants:   Here is a short blurb that can be reprinted and sent home to the parents of your students.  The milestones discussed in this blog, can be practiced and reached thorough the Animal Trackers program for your 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

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Car Safety Updates

With more young children being hurt in automobile accidents, car safety updates are always good reminders for parents on how to keep their young children safe. Check out the  National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's website on Car and Booster Seats tips.  Lots of good information to pass on to your parent groups.       ...

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Healthy Start Curriculum - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE

We are offering a Healthy Start special to all pre-school programs to help assure that all children have the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive health education program in early childhood when it counts the most.  Buy One Healthy Start curriculum package with posters and reward stickers and get another...

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Healthy Start Preschool Health Education Curriculum

The Healthy Start Company was founded in 2001 to provide early educational solutions that promote positive healthy behaviors to help prevent childhood obesity and other risk factors for long-term illnesses later in life.

Our programs are created by our team of the best and the brightest in the fields of obesity prevention, nutrition, physical activity, and educational content. These timely and exemplary programs are extensively researched, evaluated and published in over 20 professional journals.

The programs are designed to be engaging and fun for young children with stories, games, songs and rhymes. They are adaptable to a variety of preschool environments and easy to integrate into any early childhood education curriculum.

Our curriculum is currently being used in over 21 states throughout the nation.

• Colorado
• California
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Kansas
• Maine
• Maryland
• Michigan


• Missouri
• Nebraska
• New Jersey
• New Mexico
• New York
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Texas
• Tennessee
• Wyoming