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According to the NIEER’s (National Institute for Early Education Research) latest report issued last year, the District of Columbia, Florida, and Vermont have the highest percentage of 4 year olds enrolled in a state-pre-school program.  District of Columbia, Vermont, and New Jersey have the highest percentage of 3 year olds enrolled.

Wyoming, Utah, South and North Dakota, New Hampshire, Montana, and Idaho have no state funded pre-school programs for either 3 or 4 year old children.  Go to preschool-yearbook to find pre-school data, and how your state rates in all aspects of state-sponsored pre-school programs.

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Increasing the Amount of Fruits and Vegetables Young Children Eat

Tips for getting young children to eat more fruits and vegetables.
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A Before Black Friday Savings Offer to Schools and Centers

Our Healthy Start Curriculum 2 for 1 sale has now expanded to a 3 for 1 Offer.

We want all preschool programs to have the opportunity to use this research-based content for children ages 3-6! Review the comments from past users and get this comprehensive curriculum for your school or center.  For questions, contact Carolynn Lucca at 516 -458-9820.

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New York City adds Healthy Start Curriculum Materials to its Vendor List!

NYC has embraced universal preschool and with "3-K for All" starting this September, more preschool targeted products are needed.

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How does your school compare?

How much physical activity do your preschoolers get?

Follow the link to read an article published by the Human Kinetics Journals...

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