Preschool Health Education Programs

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Healthy Start Curricula are evidence based health education programs that have been field-tested, researched and evaluated nationwide.
Our programs are easily integrated into current lesson plans and meet national standards. We provide training and consultation services, for information call: (516) 458-9820

We also have programs that provide information and materials for families to facilitate the practice of healthy behaviors at home.

For Teachers and Administrators

Animal Trackers Full Program: Curriculum Book, Colorful Animal Posters Set, Parent Take-Home Activities.

Animal Trackers, Healthy Start’s bestselling product is a new physical education program for preschool 

Animal Trackerschildren ages 3-6. Featuring over 60 activities spread out over 10 units and filled with colorful characters with tons of games, songs, and stories, children will learn to associate developing their motor skills and coordination with fun!  Help your children learn how to creep and crawl like Lenny the Lizard, or gallop like Harry the Horse while also practicing their counting, ABC’s, develop their language and recognition skills, and more diverse topics such as traffic safety and U.S. Geography!

Download Animal Trackers Study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

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Healthy Start: Wellness Concepts and Behaviors for children aged 3-5

Healthy Start helps to ensure that the roots of a healthy lifestyle are planted firmly when it matters most: early childhood. Initially supported by the National Institute of Health, the comprehensive curriculum was the first preschool health education program substantiated by evidenced based research.  Developed by the nation’s leading experts in nutrition, obesity prevention cardiovascular health, curriculum development, dietary assessment and intervention.  Children discover concepts and practice behaviors through stories, songs, rhymes, art projects and activities. Contains Curriculum Book, and parent take home activities.

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      Animal Trackers: Curriculum Book Only

      Animal Trackers gives children the opportunity to learn and practice the gross Animal Trackersmotor skills necessary to catch a ball, run with ease, kick and jump, balance and ride a bike or roller blade.  “Physical Activity throughout life is one of the very best ways to stay healthy and help prevent obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure that show up in adult life but have their roots in childhood.” Dr. Christine Williams, MD, MPH, nutrition specialist and Director of the Children’s Cardiovascular Health Center, Columbia University, Children’s Hospital.

      Download Animal Trackers Study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

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      For Parents: Preschool Teaching Aids

      Healthy Hops: Healthy Lifestyles for Families

      Our parent programs promote healthy eating and increased physical activity in families starting at an early age. Studies have proven that the earlier a child learns about positive health choices and behaviors the greater the success rate for lifetime application.

      This curriculum provides the necessary components to implement a healthy eating, physical fitness program.This program also provides parents with positive role models for their children to emulate healthy lifestyle choices.

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