Animal Trackers Program: Curriculum Book, Colorful Animal Posters Set, Parent Take-Home Activities.

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Animal Trackers, Healthy Start’s bestselling product is a new physical education program for preschool children ages 3-6. Featuring over 60 activities spread out over 10 units and filled with colorful characters with tons of games, songs, and stories, children will learn to associate developing their motor skills and coordination with fun!

Help your children learn how to creep and crawl like Lenny the Lizard, or gallop like Harry the Horse while also practicing their counting, ABC’s, develop their language and recognition skills, and more diverse topics such as traffic safety and U.S. Geography!

What Is It

Animal Trackers is a complete motor skills and physical activity curriculum developed with the nation’s leading specialists in obesity prevention, cardiovascular health, physical fitness, curriculum development and intervention headed by Dr. Christine Williams, MD, MPH, nutrition specialist and Director of the Children’s Cardiovascular Health Center at Columbia University’s Children’s Hospital.

Using various teaching strategies such as Movement Exploration, Guided Discovery, and Creative Problem Solving, children are given the opportunity to make choices and actively explore their environment.

Healthy habits learned early can last a lifetime and that’s what Animal Trackers is about, framing the healthy habit of physical activity in a way that kids love.

Teachers as Guides and Facilitators

The program is designed for preschool children ages 3-6, and emphasizes the development of fundamental motor skills so crucial during that period and will become more important as time goes on. However, the program doesn’t just stop at external movement. Young children learn and develop in an integrated fashion so we’ve designed these exercises to also help your children emotional, social, and cognitive growth.

Animal Tracker activities are each labeled with clear learning objectives, exercises, and additional suggestions for variations and additional activities with the teacher in mind for ease of use in the classroom. However, the fun doesn’t stop when they leave class. With 10 Family Take Home Activities, you can be sure your children will take their new skills outside of the classroom. The entire program is also easily adapted for pure home use.

These activities aren’t just instructions to just start running and jumping, but dig deeper. With Lenny the Lizard, your children will learn the cross-lateral movements of creeping and crawling. Dara the Duck not only teaches them how to walk and march, but proper foot alignment and posture. The same with Chuck the Cheetah when they start to learn to run! They’ll learn to throw and catch accurately with Maria the Monkey and learn all about weight transference and balance with Buddy the Bear.

The final unit of the book brings all of the concepts together to allow your children to review all they have learned.

What You’ll Get

- Workbook featuring over 60 activities spread out over 10 units.
- A poster set featuring the animal stars of Animal Trackers.
- 10 Family Take Home Activities so you can be sure the learning doesn’t end when class is over.

 Download Animal Trackers Study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior