Animal Trackers: Curriculum Book Only.

$ 84.95

Animal Trackers: Physical Activity and Motor Skills for children ages 3-5

  • This is for the Animal Trackers Curriculum Book only, for the full program with posters and CD go here
  • Developed by the nation’s leading specialists in obesity prevention, cardiovascular health, physical fitness, curriculum development and intervention
  • Children balance, jump, roll, and hop their way to motor skill development
  • Designed to be action filled, fun and educational


“Physical Activity throughout life is one of the very best ways to stay healthy and help prevent obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure that show up in adult life but have their roots in childhood.” Dr. Christine Williams, MD, MPH, nutrition specialist and Director of the Children’s Cardiovascular Health Center, Columbia University, Children’s Hospital.

Animal Trackers gives children the opportunity to learn and practice the gross motor skills necessary to catch a ball, run with ease, kick and jump, balance and ride a bike or roller blade.

Curriculum and Teaching Strategies:

  • 10 units devoted entirely to motor skill development, each with a different animal theme
  • Learn and practice the movement motor skills basic to physical activity and sports activities: running, hopping, skipping, galloping, rolling over, kicking, throwing, balancing and others.
  • Features: over 60 classroom activities and 10 Family Take Home Activities


Teacher training or coordinator (Train – the – Trainer) workshops are available. Call for details.


Download Animal Trackers Study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior